Tuesday Nights

Every Tuesday evening at 7:30 p.m., we have a time of worship, teaching, and fellowship at the CCF Campus House at 110 Crafton St. All are welcome. Meet with fellow believers, to build friendships and make memories that will last long after you graduate. CCF is not in competition with any other Christ-Centered group on this campus.


Small Groups

Small groups meet during the week for more one-on-one study and accountability. These group meeting times will vary according to schedules or topics, and most are student led.


Mission Trips

There are many opportunities for CCF students to serve the Lord. We regularly have work trips to Haiti, Mexico, Guatemala, or another stateside mission. Building houses or schools, drilling wells, providing medical clinics, Bible teaching, and supporting missionaries in many ways, are among the opportunities we have been given. These trips are always great experiences for students and give them a better world view and perspective for their own life.


Community Outreach

CCF students are also given opportunities to share their time with those in need in the Tahlequah community and on campus. We participate in NSU’s work projects as well as any others brought to our attention. Nursing and Retirement homes are also encouraging outreaches. All of these times of work and sharing our faith are a benefit to the recipients and those who go out to work.


CCF Student Housing

We have two student houses adjacent to the Campus House. They provide housing for mostly upper classmen and women who are more committed to helping CCF reach it’s goals of sharing Christ and helping Christian students reach maturity. These residents provide encouragement and fellowship for one another and work together in service and leadership roles at CCF.



The goal of Discipleship is maturity in the Christian life. In-depth studies in the life of Christ, memorization of Scripture, and sharing personal experiences are the main focus of this study. Becoming a true and committed follower of the Lord is what a discipleship is about. Many alumni have expressed to us that this time of study was the most important part of their college experience.