God Had Other Plans


God Had Other Plans

My decision to come to Northeastern State University in the Fall of 2014 was one of hesitancy and last resort. It is my belief that the Lord wants me to serve him in church leadership. At that time I was convinced that the only way that would be possible was if I had an undergraduate degree from a Christian university. Unfortunately, my plans to attend a Christian university had fallen through due to the substantial costs of a religious education. At the last minute–well into July–I applied to NSU. By grace, I was accepted and even extended a generous scholarship. I was not excited to remain in Tahlequah but I couldn’t pass on a free degree. As merciful as God had been in providing a way for me to attain an education and as helpful as the school was in the process, I was still unsatisfied. You see, I had visited the cross-covered campuses of the private institutions at which I hoped to study. I sat in on lectures and met with respected professors who loved the Lord. I walked among the students at these schools and felt that if I stopped one of these brothers or sisters I would receive an encouraging word or prayer. NSU was not the “Geneva” I longed for. I thought it as a “dirty” secular school that I had no desire to attend. Thankfully, God had other plans.

During the first stretch of the semester, I felt as though I was not where God wanted me to be. A string of new roommates showed me firsthand the sin that can enslave many college students. Rather than use this as an opportunity to be a light, I chose to limit my involvement on campus. Again, God had other plans.

I met students who were a part of Campus Christian Fellowship by total accident. God had, once again, intervened and connected me with a gospel-centered church in town. After a Wednesday night gathering, I crashed a pool party where I not only had a great time but met a whole slew of new people. As it turns out, many of these guys were fellow believers and members of CCF. I wanted to observe what the group had going. I came and heard my peers expound on the life of Jesus. I worshipped through song with other Christians who seemed to be not just surviving, but thriving on this secular campus. It gave me hope.

I became more involved with CCF.  I joined the men’s weekly Bible study which challenged me to take my personal devotion more seriously. Every week when we gathered, I was moved toward evangelism. I was spurred to obey the command of God, to share His gospel with all these students I had chosen to ignore each day. Christ used Campus Christian Fellowship to open my eyes to the possibilities of advancing God’s kingdom right here at Northeastern State University–not after I was a pastor with a degree or a missionary overseas. The campus became my mission field. Once again, I’m grateful God’s plans were so much greater than my limited perspective.

God showed me that it is not His intention to send every one of His servants to a Christian university. God’s plan for each of us is unique and He desires to place some of us on campuses like Northeastern State University so we can be a light that radiates the love of Christ.

Since that first semester, my love for the local church body, the fellowship on campus and NSU itself has continued to increase. I thank God for people like Tom and Barbara Tucker who would sacrifice so much of their lives to see many come under the Lordship of Jesus Christ. I now believe that God has me here for a reason, and I intend to maintain involvement with CCF in the great endeavor to love God and make disciples.

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