Time of Reflection and Change…


Many good things have happened at NSU through Campus Christian Fellowship in the past 43 years. Hundreds of students have made decisions about their relationship with Jesus Christ and today they are serving Him through their work, families and churches.

At our 40 year reunion, during NSU’s Homecoming, we had 170 alumni share a meal and tell of their lives. We weren’t surprised to hear that half of them are involved in ministry today.

The time has come for the CCF Board of Directors to decide on a new Director. Barbara and I will not be leaving immediately, but will be available to assist in the transition of leadership, so it will be as smooth as possible. The Transition Team is developing a job description and taking resumes. Our team understands there will be other positions of responsibility to be filled as well, as they choose a new Director.

Through the years, we have observed that a great need exists for parents and grandparents to be more involved in the spiritual education of their children. As Barbara and I transition out of CCF leadership, we will begin to focus more on the development of the Christian Parenting Ministry.

We are requesting that CCF Alumni prayerfully consider partnering with us in support of the ministry of Campus Christian Fellowship. You will be contacted in the near future as to how you can help this ministry remain effective at NSU. Thanks for reading this letter. We look forward to visiting with you soon.

Yours in Christ,
Tom Tucker

PS: During NSU’s Centennial celebration in 2009, our work was recognized as one of the 100 most influential things happening in NSU’s first 100 years. Praise God for His faithfulness!

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