Different, But the Same

In 40+ years of ministry, Campus Christian Fellowship has been on the Northeastern State University campus for one purpose, to produce Christ Centered Futures. Tom and Barbara Tucker had a vision from God to see the campus of NSU transformed through the power of Jesus Christ by using CCF, and the stories of impact are numerous. Those stories lie in the hearts of those receiving this letter. Whether you were a student who sat in the metal chairs on Tuesday nights, or where fortunate enough to go through a 2:7 series with Tom, a mission trip to Mexico or Haiti, were baptized in the Illinois River, or maybe just a faithful supporter who has experienced the impact through your investment, the fact is God has used CCF to impact lives. Those lives are now making a difference around the world. What an amazing testimony to God’s faithfulness.

As you can see from Tom’s story, the time has come for a transition at CCF. Tom and Barbara have been faithful to the mission of CCF and to God’s call, but the time has come for a new director. This transition has been hard for Tom and Barbara, and the CCF board, but we know God has bigger plans for CCF as we move forward. The board is engaging in the process of hiring a new director that will propel CCF into the future while maintaining its Biblical foundation and call. This new director will work with Tom for a year learning the “ins and outs” of CCF and then take over the reins of CCF totally. As a board we are excited to move CCF forward and to see how God once again proves faithful.

With the transition coming quickly, we are asking our alumni and faithful supporters for your help. First, would you pray? For Tom and Barbara as they make this transition in ministry; for the CCF board as we make this decision that is far bigger than any of us; for the next director of CCF. Second, would you consider partnering with CCF financially? If you were not aware, the ministry of CCF is supported solely by financial partners and churches that believe in the ministry of CCF. Currently, CCF needs approximately $200,000 a year to operate and be effective on the NSU campus. Over the past few years our support has dropped significantly and on average we are about $1,800 to $2,000 short each month (or $21,600 to $24,000.00 a year). Would you consider partnering with CCF during this crucial time of need? Would you pray about a monthly or one-time gift to CCF, so that it can continue to impact students’ lives at NSU? If so, please look below at the various ways to give to CCF.

Thanks so much for your help in keeping CCF relevant and impacting lives at NSU. Thank you for giving in prayer and financially. We value your partnership and see you as a value part of the ministry.

In His Service,

CCF Board of Directors

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